Sharing the Hope of Christ...

Christ Pentecostal Church

​There are 2 Institutions that have been Ordained by God... The Family & The Church.  Both were designed by God to perpetuate the Faith through the Family & the Family of God.  One Generation shall praise thy works to another and shall declare thy might acts. (Psalm 145:4) It has been & always will be the Plan of God for One Generation to pass on The Faith and Principles of the Faith to the Next Generation.   

​​​Join Us at Christ Pentecostal this Sunday Morning.  We start things off with "Engage Classes" at 9:45 am and at 10:45 am for  Jubilant Praise & Worship and the Word.  This week, Pastor Wheeler preaches "Faith & Family."

Come and Hear God's Voice and Experience the Power & Presence of God!