Sharing the Hope of Christ...

Christ Pentecostal Church

I Had Religion...At Christ Church I Found Relationship

I had attended Church all my life and I could say I was a Religious Person.  But it seemed that there was still something missing.  I had listened to Irvin Baxter's Politics and Religion radio broadcast and felt God talking to me about finding a Pentecostal Church like his.  God led me and my family to Christ Pentecostal Church and I found what I had been searching authentic, life-changing experience and a lasting relationship with Jesus.  Janie C.

My Children Spared

My 2 youngest boys were in the back seat of their aunt's car when a vehicle on a cross street ran a red light and crashed into the car my boys were in.  At impact, my young sons were thrown from the vehicle into a busy intersection.  They were rushed to the Fort Worth Children's Hospital where Pastor Wheeler came to pray for them.  God miraculously touched my boys and both were released that night with no injuries at all...  Sabrina W.

My Husband Healed of Diabetes

My husband, Vinny, had a very severe case of Diabetes which required numerous shots and medicine every day and still the Diabetes was not under control.  Vinny and I were in Church at Christ Pentecostal Church and an evangelist Randall McCoy was ministering and he knew nothing of my husband's condition.  He said "There is someone here with Sugar Diabetes and God wants to heal you today."  Vinny came for prayer and God miraculously healed my husband.  Today he no longer takes medicine for Diabetes...Praise God!  Sharelle A.